Teacher’s Pet: On the Shores of Education

Photo by Adrian Munguia ’22 | Mr. Jon Shores engages in a class discussion in his fifth period History of the Catholic Church class.

How long have you taught at Brophy? And what was your favorite year teaching?

This is my 20th year teaching. My most memorable year here was with the class of 2004, which was my second year teaching here at Brophy. I don’t know why, but that year I made a lot of fond memories with the class I had between the years 2001 and 2002.

When going through college were you planning on this profession or was it a turn of events? If it was a turn of events how did these events occur?

I was never geared towards teaching. I hated public speaking. I was terrified of it and standing in front of people terrified me. I wanted to do a faith-based social work in Central and South America. One thing led to another, which led me to Brophy and I loved it — and here I am, 20 years later.

What is your favorite teaching method in class?

I love having discussions, asking questions. I love talking about scripture as it relates to real life. So, just discussions with what we have in scripture and how that applies to our lives now and just challenging kids to have a different lens.

Where did you grow up as a kid and what were your dreams then?

I grew up here in Phoenix [but] my family moved around a little bit. I lived overseas and I lived in Texas, but for the most part, I called Phoenix home — I went to Central. My dreams growing [up] were to do something in Central and South America. that’s kind of what I hoped for. That dream sort of morphed to teaching at Brophy and this is my dream job now — I love it.

What were your favorite past time outside of school? (i.e. hobbies, events, etc.)

I was heavily involved in Church and doing things with my church. I remember spending time overseas and traveling was something I enjoyed doing. While in high school, the overseas trips to South America were something I looked forward to. I also liked playing sports. I was into football and baseball when I was younger.

This 2019 year which class do you feel has been the most fun to teach so far? Why is that?

No offense to my Freshman Scripture classes, but my sophomore Church History class has been the funnest to teach this year. For my first 11 years at Brophy, I taught sophomores for scripture. This is my first year back teaching sophomores. I love the age group, the size of the class and I have a lot of fun with the class.

What’s the funniest thing to happen to you in class at Brophy?

13 to 14 years ago I was the assistant golf coach. During break, the golfers would like to hang out in my room. One of them loved to drink Dr. Pepper and always brought a cup of Dr. Pepper. He sat on my couch one day and there was a puncture in his cup [and] it began to leak while he was sitting down. He was so afraid to tell me, he let it leak on himself and had huge wet spot on the back of his shorts the rest of the day.