The Roundup: Inside the newsroom

By Michael Mandeville ’11

The Roundup: Inside the Newsroom from The Brophy Roundup on Vimeo.

While the Roundup remains a monthly publication, the staff (consisting of Journalism I and Photojournalism courses and a group of contributors) is busy issue to issue providing Brophy with its award-winning student newspaper.

The writing and editing process does occupy a good chunk of this time, but once all the content is ready for print, the staff designs the the actual paper over a few class periods and what we call “Late Night Layout.”

Once a month we stay after school until every article and photo is fitted onto the computer page to our standards.
As you can imagine, it gets pretty tedious, but we always seem get it done having some fun along the way.

This multimedia project captures Late Night Layout, in what we attempted to be its most organic form.

“The Roundup: Inside the newsroom” is part of The Roundup’s 2010 multimedia project titled “The Soul of Brophy.” Click here to read more about this project.