The upcoming block schedule

By Marcus Paz ‘24



Brophy’s schedule will change to a block schedule format for the 2022-2023 school year.

Administrators decided to create a schedule that is seven 80 minute periods that rotate 5 times over the course of two weeks. Mr. Mica Mulloy said that the goal of the new schedule is to attempt to slow down the day for students who have a lot going on.

These past few years have brought much change, but there will also be even more changes with the coming block schedule.  Mr. Mulloy explained some key concepts of the coming change of schedule.  This will most likely change the dynamics of how teachers will decide to use their class time to teach in the classroom.

Mr. Mica Mulloy ‘99 discussed next year’s coming block schedule and its changes, such as the longer class periods, in “August of 2022 we are switching to a block schedule”.  While this might be very new about the upcoming schedule, this means that there will be fewer classes throughout the day. Mulloy stated that the new schedule will include “80 minute periods”.  This shows the schedule that will be planned out in a week A week B schedule.

The schedule will show a four-period per day timeframe.  For example, if a class has less classes one week they will have more classes the next week.  So, for example, if hypothetically class A had four classes in a week of school one week while class B had three classes that week, then the next week class A would have three classes while class B would have four.

Mulloy talked about the process of developing this new schedule.  At first while the main outlines of the plan for the schedule were clear, the way those in charge of creating this schedule would conduct this new schedule were not thought of until Spring, as stated by Mr. Mulloy.  It was clear that lots of time and effort had gone into this schedule, as Mulloy talked about the details and priorities of how the schedule was made, such as the two week process and getting down the big picture of what they are going to do with the schedule in Spring.

Another detail is that the schedule will occur every two weeks.  In the one week where a class has less class time than other classes, that class will get more time in the next week.  Since half of the classes will not have the same amount of classes in one week, the next week will be an inverted week which will allow those classes to make up for the time missed the previous week, this is the A B schedule.

The block schedule will mainly change the time and length of classes.  However, it might also change the way teachers handle the time they are given, and it will be interesting to see how the teachers’ schedule in their class changes too.  With the new changes given by the block schedule, students can plan for 80 minute long periods, and a two week process of the new schedule.