The Xavier Gator: Angel Vo

By Joe Skoog ’13

Angel Vo ’13

So, please state your name and personal statistics.

Angel Vo, class of 2013.

I hear you are attempting to win Miss Arizona Vietnam.

Why yes, yes I am.

How do you plan on winning this competition?

Well, work ethic first.  Then my strong fighting spirit will probably help along the way.  Also, I am a scrappy fighter.

Does the competition usually devolve into a fight, or is the 2011-2012 competition a no holds barred cage match?

Fifteen foot high steel cage. Two contestants enter, one leaves.



I assume you will be the one that leaves?

Again, look to my quote: “Also I am a scrappy fighter.”

I could take you. Just not now, I don’t have the proper—shoes.

Sure, sure.

So, Skyrim?!

Greatest game ever; I am a level 18 Wood Elf.

How many dragon bones have you collected?

Well, more than I can count. I really have just stopped doing homework. Skyrim has become my life.

I doubt the other Miss Arizona Vietnam impostors are as good at Skyrim as you.

If the competition comes down to who has a better Skyrim character, I will surely win.

Well, I think that is enough.  You can go play Skyrim and prepare for your fight.

May your Red Guard prosper.