Three and Out: Top four storylines from Brophy vs. Boulder Creek

By Erik T. Masingill ’12

First Down: Offense scores another 30-plus points

Photo by Nathaniel Toledo '12 - Clarence Clark '13, left, and Jordan Melick '12 celebrate Sept. 2 after a play against Boulder Creek. Brophy defeated Boulder Creek 45-33.
Photo by Nathaniel Toledo '12 - Clarence Clark '13, left, and Jordan Melick '12 celebrate Sept. 2 after a play against Boulder Creek. Brophy defeated Boulder Creek 45-33.

The Bronco offense portrayed another productive week as they scored 45 points Friday, Sept. 2 off of six touchdowns (three rushing, three passing) and a 31-yard field goal.

After the first two weeks, quarterback Tyler Bruggman ’13 has a total of six touchdown passes and no interceptions.

Devon Allen ’13, Fred Gammage ’12, Matt Auran ’13, Andrew Simon ’12 and D’ Amani Grayer ’13 have all recorded a touchdown in the first two games.

“We got a lot of weapons,” said head coach Mr. Scooter Molander of the offense.

Brophy has scored 77 points in its first two games while allowing the 33 to Boulder Creek. The Broncos shut out the Mountain Ridge Mountain Lions 32-0 Aug. 26.

Last season after the first two weeks, Brophy outscored its opponents (Deer Valley and Gilbert) 48-19.

The Broncos scored more than 30 points in only one game last year when they defeated the Yuma Criminals 63-22 Nov. 5.

Second Down: Grayer providing a running-game threat

With Marche Dennard ’13 temporarily sidelined with a foot injury, D’ Amani Grayer ’13 has led the run game for the Broncos.

Grayer has made an early impact, scoring three touchdowns and running for 215 yards on 25 carries in his first two games.  

Mr. Molander said Grayer played tremendously against Boulder Creek.

D’ Amani had an excellent game. He came out tonight. Not only did he have speed, he had power, he had vision, and he passed-protected well and even blocked well on a couple of times.”

Third Down: A unique win for the defense

The Broncos’ defense surrendered 33 points, but the team still came away with a 45-33 victory.

Last year, the Broncos did not win a game when the defense gave up 23 or more points, which makes this game against Boulder Creek a distinctive win.

“We bent some tonight, but we had to overcome some guys that got banged up a little bit. I’m proud of the guys that came in and played,” Mr. Molander said of the defense’s outing against Boulder Creek.

The most points the defense surrendered in a win last year was again Brophy’s 63-22 victory over Yuma.

When the Broncos gave up 23 or more points last season, they went 0-4 with losses to Centennial, Chandler, Hamilton and Desert Vista.

Fourth Down: Another 2-0 start to the season

With two wins to begin the 2011 season for the Broncos, Brophy hopes to avoid a three game losing streak such as that of last year.

After two wins against Deer Valley and Gilbert last year, the Broncos lost three straight games to St. Mary’s, Centennial and Chandler before winning their third game in the sixth week of the season.

The streak was Brophy’s longest losing streak that year. During that span, the Broncos gave up 86 points while scoring 48 of their own.

Brophy’s next three games are against Red Mountain, Sandra Day O’ Connor and North Canyon.

Red Mountain is Brophy’s first road game of the year. Brophy’s first road game last year was at St. Mary’s.

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