Tusell adjusts to post university classes

Photo Illustration by Cameron M. Bray ’16 – Dr. Tussell poses for a photo at his desk, Feb. 24. Dr. Tussell teaches both Honors Chemistry and regular Physics classes in Mr. Mazzolini’s room.

Teacher’s Pet: Dr. Jose Ramon Tusell

By Tanner D. Nypen ’15

Mr. Burke’s questions from the February edition of teachers pet was: Why aren’t we teaching the Palmer method of writing anymore?

Well I really don’t know why we aren’t using the Palmer method anymore, but I have to say cursive handwriting is a dying art.

Since this is your first year at Brophy, I feel obligated to ask: How’s your experience so far?

It’s been great. It is definitely been an adjustment from teaching university to teaching high school. The faculty and students are really great people. It’s a really great environment to be in.

What university did you teach at?

It was two community colleges in the Seattle area. Greenriver Community College and I also taught at Olympic Community College.

What classes do you teach here at Brophy?

I teach chemistry and physics, well honors chemistry.

Do you have a favorite?

I like them for different reasons. I think I like teaching regular physics with your guys, because you guys are seniors and it’s a different feeling than like my honors chemistry. There are sophomores and juniors, but no seniors. I feel like with seniors, it’s about trying to make it fun I just don’t have to be as focused on having fun, it can be more serious for honors chem.

Other than teaching, did you have any interesting jobs before Brophy?

I had two post-docs (post-doctoral). One was for a year, working at the University of Montana. I studied the catalysis of ATP by adenylyl cyclase. I loved Missoula, the town, but the job itself was pretty hard. So after that I did another post-doc with my PhD research. That was on, I don’t even remember anymore. It was on nonlinear optics of green florescent proteins.

What is your PhD in?


Would you like to propose a question for next edition’s teacher’s pet?

What is your favorite pupusa?