U-Haul hires Brophy students for summer internship

By Jose Cardenas ’16

U-Haul International, the Phoenix-based truck renting company, hired 11 Brophy students for a summer internship program, as featured in an Aug. 3 Arizona Republic article.

These students took different positions within a corporate environment for the first time.

Garret Pedicini ’15 worked in the financial department using Excel spreadsheets and other tools while Brenner Nathan ’15 wrote news articles for the U-Haul website.

“This internship allows me to get a feel for what it’s like to be in a corporate structure. It’s very different from what most of the others are doing,” Pedicini said in the Arizona Republic article.

Over the summer of 2015, these students stayed busy with duties as varied as financial analysis to location purchases at $15 pay per hour, and the same can happen for other Brophy students who submit an application, undergo an interview and provide a reference.

“There’s so much going on, they can get involved in literally everything,” said Stuart Shoen ’98, U-Haul’s executive vice president, a Brophy graduate and the program creator.

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