Unrein incorporates humor, promotes engaged learning

Photo by Kyle Scheuring ’15 – Mr. Chad Unrein teaches the senior english classes: Hero’s Journey and Creative Writing. Mr. Unrein became part of the Brophy community in 2008.

By Tanner Nypen ’15

Almost every student has classes in Brophy Hall, and many travel down the second floor on a daily basis.

But not many reach the classroom of Mr. Chad Unrein in B201 until their senior year.

Mr. Unrein teaches English 4 Hero’s Journey and Creative Writing to seniors, coaches freshman football and JV baseball, and participates in creation of BLAM, the Brophy Literary Arts Magazine.

Austin Berry ’15, one of Mr. Unrein’s Heroes Journey students, said he enjoys the classroom environment.

“He promotes student interaction through group discussions and he brings forth deeper thought from what we read,” Berry said. “He knows how to keep the students interested through humor.”

Matthew Macaspac ’15, a student in one of Mr. Unrein’s Creative Writing classes, said he enjoys the environment that Mr. Unrein’s class provides.

“He is able to create a positive learning environment for the students, which can really reel us in,” Macaspac said. “His humor makes the class more enjoyable than previous classes and teachers that have tried to incorporate humor for the students in the past.”

Many students agree that Mr. Unrein’s lessons create a better learning environment.

“That’s just what is comfortable for me,” Mr. Unrein said. “I am passionate about what I do and I think that for that to translate over to students you have to find ways to engage them. If I’m bored then you guys will be bored so I just try to never be bored.”

Mr. Unrein said that traditional style lectures do not seem to have the same effect as incorporating more engagement into the classroom.

“The teacher can’t just stand up there and speak under the assumption that students just absorb the information, it’s got to be a back and forth relationship,” Mr. Unrein said. “If you want people to listen, I think you have to be a bit outrageous in terms of what you are presenting.”