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Varsity lacrosse player also takes quidditch field

Photo by Charlie Register ’18 – Marcus Pimentel ’18 (left) and Charlie Albin (right) ’18 play Quidditch out on the front lawn of Brophy after school.

By Juan Carlos Ramirez ’18

Marcus Pimentel ’18 balances both quidditch and varsity lacrosse, which are very different sports.

Pimentel said that he began his quidditch career as a freshman when the program started at Brophy.

“I felt the desire to play something in the first semester and lacrosse didn’t begin until second semester,” Pimentel said. “I didn’t want to play football so I played quidditch.”

Quidditch is a developing program coached by Mr. Cooper Davis ’10.

Quidditch is a sport that was inspired by the “Harry Potter” series.

Pimentel described quidditch as a sport that requires elements that greatly differ from other sports.

“There is a lot of different dynamics to the play,” Pimentel said. “There is also a snitch. I don’t really know any other sport that has that.”

Teammate and seeker Comer Wadzeck ’18 also added that the team is more of a student run program.

“We don’t need to take it so seriously,” Wadzeck said. “It’s one of those things where we can get together and have a student led thing … it’s all about having fun.”

Even though the sport is new, the physical performance is very deceiving.

“You have to play quidditch to know that it is a respectable sport,” Pimentel said.

Mr. Davis said that athleticism in quidditch is key.

Marcus is very athletic and he relies on that,” Mr. Davis said. “He has size, speed and coordination. In a sport like quidditch, those are very important attributes. Essentially he is very versatile, and we can put him in any position.”

Wadzeck agree that Pimentel is very athletic and unique.

“Yeah, he is a unique dude,” Wadzeck said. “It is fun to be around him, and he’s pretty funny.”

He also said that he has no trouble finishing his homework while being able to attend quidditch and lacrosse practices.

Pimentel said that quidditch is a sport that can really accommodate a student athlete’s schedule.

Mr. Davis said he purposely tries to keep the dedication needed for quidditch light for the benefit of the student athlete.

“We practice twice a week,” Mr. Davis said. “We try to keep it pretty open ended so the students can be involved in other activities. We are not trying to be the one and only thing they are involved on campus.”

Pimentel said that he has a pregame ritual for the team before each quidditch game.

“Instead of stretches, we just do yoga, which I lead,” Pimentel said.

He said that he began this ritual of yoga stretches when he was a freshman on the team.

Pimentel said he believes that this sport builds character and creates good ethical values.