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Venberg brings 23 years experience into classroom

Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 | Mrs. Venberg speaks with students at lunch discussing global affairs.

By Chris Stanek ’19

It is a different dynamic for Mrs. Kristin Venberg being the only female U.S. History teacher at Brophy, although she said it does not affect her.

“It really does not feel any different being a female teacher.” Mrs. Venberg said. “I do not really think about it that much because my gender is not a issue in the department. Growing up with five brothers, I feel comfortable around boys. There is not much they can say or do to offend me . I appreciate their energy and enthusiasm.”

Mr. Ryan Hubbell, history teacher, said he believes that it is important to have female teachers in classrooms.

“I think they have a great influence.” Mr. Hubbell said, “There tends to be an under representation of women at Brophy. But women at Brophy are amazing teachers.”

Mr. Hubbell said history points to women having a large influence in education despite having fewer opportunities then men.

“They had to work much harder then the men, and ended up being much more intelligent and educated which made the public educational system very effective and producing,” Mr. Hubbell said.

Drew Burns ’18, a student of Mrs. Venberg‘s, realizes how her teaching styles differ from other teachers in the same department.

“I have had many teachers in the history department,” Burns said. “Mrs. Venberg brings a sense of energy to the classroom, and brings a fun connection between what we are learning in case and to the real world.”

Mrs. Venberg brings a stronger connection to the students…,” Burns said. “She helps open doors to their learning experiences.”

Maggie Venberg ’18, her daughter and Xavier junior, said she appreciates what a big role her mother plays in her life as well as Brophy’s.

“My mom plays as a huge role model for me,” Maggie said. “As her being a teacher, she is not only helpful, she is inspiring. I think her being a teacher helps out with family time. She shares the same hours with me, and is basically my ride home. Also as a plus, she can really help me out with school.”

Female teachers have a huge impact at Brophy, and help complete the excellence that Brophy produces.