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Volleyball hopes winter training pays off

By Jack Cahill ’17

With more experience under their belt, the volleyball team looks to be a top four squad this year.

According to head coach Mr. Tony Oldani, the team will experience a good season this year.

“I think we have the talent to be a top four team in the state, but we have to make sure everyone is healthy and on the same page,” Mr. Oldani said.

Last year the team ended its season in the first round of the playoffs.

Many team players said that they’re looking to improve this year. Mr. Oldani is optimistic that many former sophomores in varsity will have a great year as juniors.

“The biggest improvements have been from our juniors. They were just sophomores on varsity last year,”  Mr. Oldani said.

Players are also optimistic, and said that they are working hard to improve.

“To improve, I try to practice daily. I practice my technique, my serves, and my passes,” Logan Miller ’17 said.

Miller also pointed out the need for team unity. He said the “team has chemistry” and “brotherhood.”

“I think that the community and the brotherhood of the team gets better as you progress   through your year,” Miller said. “This is because the more you spend time with your fellow teammates, the more you get to open up to them.”