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Volleyball relies on ‘persistence’, ‘camaraderie’ to carry team

By Chase Bayless ’15

With just five more matches on the schedule as of April 10, the volleyball team is focused on improving the little things to make themselves a contender for the state championship. The team holds a current record of 21-10-1 under head coach Mr. Tony Oldani. Mr. Oldani cited the camaraderie and closeness of the group as a reason for their success. “Typically you get an antagonist along the way…. We just haven’t had that,” Mr. Oldani said. “They really buy into the idea of playing for each other. They don’t want to let each other down so they give everything they’ve got.” The young team is led by senior Cooper Munhall ’14, who leads the team in kills with 174. Juniors Cole Herrmann  ’15 and Andrew Lincoln ’15 are the primary servers. Carson Flood ’15 has the most digs with 89. Brophy has had numerous wins this season where they were down by a significant number at one point in the game, but were able to fight back. “One of the hallmarks of this team, more so than any other team, is the ability to come back when they’re not playing well,” Mr. Oldani said. “They’ve shown this persistence and resilience they haven’t really shown in the past.” While their record puts them near the top of standings, they have losses to the top teams in the state such as Hamilton, Mesa and Boulder Creek. The Broncos are currently in 2nd place in the DII standings. “Our expectation for the season is that we should be a team that challenges for the state championship. Right now we’re kind of in that second tier,” Mr. Oldani said. Flood said the physical side is there for them, they just need to become more mentally strong. They have also dealt with injuries and want to get healthier. Flood said they have done a good job adjusting to the injuries. “We’ve got a lot of room to improve and we don’t have to improve a lot to be in that status of the teams who are in that conversation,” Mr. Oldani  said.