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Warner focused on pursuing career in music, songwriting

Photo by Edwin Perez-Morales ’18 | Jack Warner ’17 plays the piano in a practice room. Warner has taught himslef to play music for over 10 years and writes nearly every day.

By Anthony Cardellini ’17

A musical teacher can be an idol in any young, aspiring musician’s life, but Jack Warner ’17 had the opposite experience as a child.

“When I did have [music] teachers I would never listen to them,” Warner said. “They would tell me to learn a song by reading sheet music, but I would already know it by listening to it.”

Warner said that learning by ear has been his preferred method for his entire life.

“I got my first keyboard when I was in third grade, so I’ve been teaching myself by ear for 10 years,” he said. “Guitar I started freshman year, and I learned by ear mostly.”

Warner plays both guitar and piano, and he sings as well. He also writes and produces his own music.

“I write a song every day,” he said. “I feel like music is such an everyday thing, without music I don’t know where I would be in the world.”

Daniel Weinberger ’17, who has performed and written songs with Warner in the past, said Warner has always been interested in music.

He said that Warner’s ability to write songs is one of his most impressive talents.

“Every single day he’ll go home, pull out the guitar, get out the piano, and just start making melodies,” Weinberger said. “He’s so talented and he has such a bright, creative mind that doesn’t stop.”

Warner said that his goal is to write 100 songs and then choose 10 to record and put on an album.

Warner acknowledged that he writes every day because “if you put 10 hours into it you’ll get better.”

He said his creative process involves watching his favorite movies, writing songs based on the titles he gives them and playing pop artists Jon Bellion or Ed Sheeran on his speakers.

Warner said his favorite songs that he has written are “Lifeless,” “Fall” and “Immunity.” He has these and more song titles written on his white Converse shoes.

Warner said he wants to study music in college and then pursue a career in the music industry.

He said his top choice is Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass.

“[Berklee is] kind of like a mini-music industry, and hopefully they can help me get into the bigger side of it,” he said.

Weinberger also went as far as to say Warner “has the most natural talent of anybody I’ve ever met in my life.”

Weinberger said this talent manifests itself especially in Warner’s ability to play any song he hears, and his ability to sing pitches correctly consistently.

Jack has never once pitch corrected, and if you listened to his songs you would think every single one is pitch corrected,” he said.

He also said Warner produces all his own music, and that “every instrument you hear in his songs is him.”

Weinberger also said that another one of Warner’s talents is performing.

“Performing with Jack is like performing with this amazing artist that everyone knows and everyone loves,” he said. “Jack wants to share his talent.”

Weinberger said he is excited to see what Warner does in the future.

Jack Warner is going to be famous in one way or another, and I say this with certainty,” he said.