Football Sports

Water Jugs All Around Campus

Photo by Raymond Link | A football player’s water jug sits in the SAC as the players have been called by Coach Kitna to make sacrifices like carrying around the water jugs that other teams are not.

By Luke Odden ’21



Freshman, JV and varsity football players are all carrying water jugs around campus.

Ever since Coach Jon Kitna took on the role as head coach of varsity football, the players have been carrying one-gallon water jugs. All levels of Brophy Football have been a part of this activity.

Upon starting at Brophy, Coach Kitna has instituted many rules for the benefit of the players. One of those is that the players have to bring one-gallon water jugs to school.

There are many reasons for carrying around the jugs, but the biggest reason is health. “The philosophy of the water jugs is that hydration is one of the 3 key components to optimal peak performance for athletes,” said Mr. Kitna.

Mr. Kitna says that it is key that his players stay hydrated to prevent injuries. “Most injuries that occur in athletes are soft tissue injuries which are usually the result of not being properly hydrated,” said Kitna.

Joseph Kelly ’19 thinks that carrying around these water jugs is a trivial annoyance, but is more than just hydration.

Kelly said that it is also a mental thing. “Buying into everything you have to do and doing everything for greatness,” said Kelly when talking about why everyone is carrying these water jugs around. He says that the varsity football team is willing to make sacrifices like carrying around the water jugs that other teams are not.

Mr. Kitna and the football coaching staff have had all levels of Brophy football taking part in this. Jackson Camarata ’21 is a sophomore and is on the JV football team. Camarata says that the hydration does help with injury prevention but it is the overall focus on performance that has impressed him. “I love Coach Kitna, he is such a great person and coach and he has had a very large influence on my life ever since I met him.”

Water jugs are popping up everywhere around campus thanks to the football players. Although this may be a small endeavor, the players are excited to see how something as simple as carrying water jugs is going to affect their performance.