Wentworth wows with creativity, problem solving

By Tyler J. Scott ’12

Photo by Kevin Valenzuela '13 - Jack Wentworth '12 works on one of his drawings
Photo by Kevin Valenzuela '13 - Jack Wentworth '12 works on one of his drawings

Jack Wentworth ’12 is a Brophy Big Brother, an executive board member of the Best Buddies club and a part of the 2012 Guatemala Immersion Trip.

He is also an avid artist.

“I do art because it’s a way for me to express my emotions and to get my feelings down on paper,” Wentworth said. “I also love the fact that once I create a work of art, other people can admire it and it will be stuck on the paper forever.”

He started doing art seriously sophomore year when he enrolled in a 2D Drawing class with Mrs. Debbie Cronin.

Now he is in AP Studio Art with her in third period.

Mrs. Cronin was the main person who got me into art in her 2D Drawing class sophomore year, and since then I haven’t stopped taking classes with her,” Wentworth said.

Wentworth said he uses art as a way to show his creative mind.

“My favorite part about doing art is the fact that I can draw, paint or print anything that I think of,” he said. “The kind of art that I like to do is abnormal, and sometimes the art I do is made up or fictional.”

One of Wentworth’s most famous fictional characters is the alien “Sluba,” which can be found in sticker form on Brophy students’ laptops all over campus.

His favorite piece of art, however, is a print he made of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because of its simplicity and also the fact that he won $75 in the Fine Arts Extravaganza for first place in its category.

Mrs. Cronin was also his preschool teacher so she has literally watched him grow as a person.

“I think the most amazing thing about Jack is that he’s obviously very creative and he’s energetic about it,” Mrs. Cronin said. “He can figure out how to do things, so he’ll think of something he wants to do … and he’s very good at figuring out the logistics of how to do things, which I think is amazing.”

She also said that he comes up with different techniques and ways to solve problems in class.

Mrs. Cronin said he once found a way to make a shirt using a non-traditional printmaking technique she had never tried before in class and he also figured out how to do a joint project with Kirby Moroney ’12.

The two combined silk screen and linoleum block prints to form one piece of art with various mediums.

Nathan Walker ’12 is also in Wentworth’s AP Studio Art class.

Jack’s creative approach to his subject matter always keeps things interesting in class,” Walker said.

Besides recognizing his creative abilities, Mrs. Cronin appreciates Wentworth’s personality as well.

Jack is about the nicest person, he’s nice to everyone and he’s inclusive, which I really like,” Mrs. Cronin said. “He’s encouraging and he’s always willing to help people do stuff.”