What would your wish be?

50 students answer 1 big question

By Sam Fleury ’10

If you could have one wish, anything you want (except for more wishes), what would it be?

I asked this question to students for the last two weeks, 50 students to be exact, and the responses came in all forms.  The most common wishes were for super powers, time machines and improving humanity.

There were some unique answers that were quite hilarious, such as Nick Weiss ’10 wishing that “Dragon Ball Z” and “Hey Arnold” were back on the air. Bo Perez ’13 wished that he was a Pokémon.

Kevin Valenzuela ’13 had an answer that left quite the conundrum, wishing to know what to wish for.

This question was meant to see what students want the most over all. Some students value girls, like Nathan Long ’13 who wished for “girls” or the ability to impress them. Of course there were some who didn’t take this wish as seriously as others, but it is a good reflection of students’ desires.

The selflessness of some answers was warming. To see that almost 10 people out of 50 wished for the betterment of humanity was a reflection on Brophy’s Jesuit environment and how it has lead them to care so much about others.

Some wishes were to help themselves, but in a wholesome way. Examples include Davis Bridges ’10, who wished he “was a better person” and Dalton Reed ’11, who wished to be content with his life.

Another popular theme was to wish for super powers, which was almost expected from high school boys. We all want some sort of ability that we see in the movies. Perhaps this is a reflection of pop-culture on influence males or an insight on the nature of boys in general.

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