Women see increase in Church role, responsibilities

By Alex Kirshner ’18

Women’s role in the Catholic Church has been a point of discussion and news coverage in the last few years, and this is reflected at Brophy.

Since the Catholic church’s inception, the important roles have been filled primarily by men, but that doesn’t mean women don’t serve a purpose.

Mrs. Sue Hornbeck, who is the administrative assistant in the Office of Faith and Justice, said she believes that women should still be more involved.

“I think it’s a shame and a crime that women don’t play more prominent roles in the church,” Mrs Hornbeck said.

The progressive nature of the church under Pope Francis gives Mrs.Hornbeck hope that women will continue to see their roles in the church increase.

“Do I have hopes that maybe Pope Francis will move towards that?” she said. “They’re great hopes… everything is possible.”

Ms. Elizabeth Clarke, who teaches freshman scripture, agrees with Mrs. Hornbeck.

“I definitely feel that Pope Francis will help our cause,” said Clarke.

She also added that she feels respected in the church and at school, even though she teaches only boys.

Over the summer, the pope initiated a commission to study the possibility of female deacons in the church

Mrs. Hornbeck says that many women can serve an important role in the church without having the recognition that men get

“Sometimes women can accomplish things quietly,” she said.

Mrs. Hornbeck cites the change of our culture and the decreasing glass ceiling as another reason that she hopes for a change in the involvement of women in the church.

“Our whole world is changing,” she said. “With the pope being progressive, he is opening the minds and the hearts of people to understand that women can accomplish so much.”