Xavier Gator

By Brian Brannon ’11


Would you please state your name for the record?

Rebecca Jelenick ’12

What do you think about the nuclear meltdown in Japan?

Very sad, I like Japan and I have always wanted to visit.

What do you think will happen if an actual meltdown occurs?

I have no idea.

Favorite Japanese band?

Shinee from Korea.

That’s not a Japanese band…

What is your reaction to the Xavier invasion of Brophy parking lots?

I laugh a bit. Brophy kids can’t park at Xavier but we’re invading.

Speaking of parking, what is your favorite car?

Probably a 1969 Plymouth Barracuda.

What are you plans during spring break?

My friend Sara and I are hanging out.

No spelunking?

Que es?

Cave diving.


Are you excited for James Cameron’s new movie ‘Sanctum’?

Sure, I saw ‘Rango’… it was amazing.

Since we’re on the topic of adventure, have you started looking at colleges?


Which ones?

I’m looking into California schools, I really love LMU and USD as my top choices.

What is your area of interest?

I want to study music and entertainment management…

Why do you want to study music management?

I want to get people started in the music business. I want to help them accomplish their dreams. I have a friend who is in a band called ‘No Longer Together’…they are still together…. just clarifying…they are amazing and I want them to go all the way.

Why are they amazing?

They are brilliant and down to earth.

Thank you for your time.