Xavier Gator

Angel Vo ’13

By Joe Skoog ’13

Give me your name for the record please.

Angel Vo ’13

Who do you expect to win the Stanley Cup this year?

I don’t watch hockey…

So what I’m hearing is that you think the Blackhawks will win. Is this true?


What shall you do over Spring Break?

You know, the usual. Saving lemurs, teaching children how to read, playing Single A baseball.

Which lemur is best?


What is your stance on the feather in the hair trend?

I have one in my hair currently.

So are you part eagle?

No, I am full blooded human.

So you hate freedom?

What? Of course I don’t hate freedom!

Why are you trying to take away my rights?!

Of course I’m not.  What are you talking about?

Your confusion speaks louder than words.

This is ridiculous.

Thank you for your time.

So I can leave now?