Xavier Gator

Emma Von Der Linn ’13

By Charles Louis Dominguez ’14


Who do you consider a role model?

Tina Fey. She’s a goddess. Also Tom Hanks. Quality guy.

Those are both true statements. I, personally, would love to be Tina Fey. How would you define goddesses and quality guys?

I guess a goddess or quality guy is someone I wouldn’t mind kidnapping me.

Favorite free thing?

I once got free socks. It was a glorious day.

Least favorite free thing?

My least favorite free thing is floss. The dentist always gives me some and I go home and add it to the Mount Everest of unused free floss.

You’re sort of a fun person. Any suggestions for what readers could do with this floss?

I know Brophy guys love to knit so if you want to make some scarves no one’s stopping you.

Do you have a history of violent tendencies?

Emma means danger in the language of the Sinuu tribe of West Norway.

Ooh, completely forgot to ask you your name. So, uh, Emma?

Nope. It’s Telemachus

Last name?

I can’t disclose that at this time what with the Witness Protection Program and all… you aren’t going to publish that part right?

We probably will. Thank you for your time, Telemachus.