Xavier Gator

Jaela Robinson ’15

By Austin Norville ’15

For Roundup purposes can I get your name and year?

My name is Jaela Robinson, I am a sophomore.

Going with the theme of this edition, what is your favorite thing to do after school?

My favorite thing to do after school is to go to Speech and Debate.

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened at Speech and debate?

Funniest thing would be when someone was running their piece and I started making faces at them during it.  They ended up not finishing.

Since the election just recently happened, what are your thoughts on the results?

My thoughts on the election are, I’m happy with the outcome and I’m hopeful Obama will do something about our economy, so I am good with it.

What was the best political ad you saw and what was the worst?

To be honest, Austin there were no good ads. They were all irritating to watch.

Besides Speech and Debate, after you leave the campus what is your favorite activity?

I go to piano practice after I finish homework.

What is your favorite piano song to play?

My favorite piano song is called, “Legend of Madrid.”

Can you play “Gangam Style” on the piano?

I wish I could but I can’t. I could learn it though.

Why not, it is a very popular song?

It’s never occurred to me to learn something like that because… Well I don’t know. I’ll learn it sooner or later.