Xavier Gator

Taylor Kinnerup ’14

By Jackson Santy ’13

What do they call you?

Taylor, but I get Taykinn a lot.

Can I call you Super Laser Tiger? Do you get that a lot too?

Every day of my life.

Since the topic for this month’s issue is travel, where’s one unexpected place you’d want to go?

The Dean’s office at Brophy or Kate Upton’s closet.

What sites would you see?

I just want to see if it’s as scary as ours.

Besides my birthday, what’s your favorite part of springtime?

Shorts, tanning season and spring sports.

Spoken like a true patriot. Are you familiar with the ancient art of “tailgating?”

Oh but of course!

In your opinion, what does the ideal tailgate consist of?

Plaid flannels—sleeveless, a grill, an American flag and there always has to be the one guy who doesn’t exactly know what’s going on but constantly requests that someone play “Free Bird.”

Sounds like a dream come true for me.

The American Dream.

Last question, is the song “Free Bird” the best song of all time or the best song of all time?

I’d have to disagree with you and say it’s the best song of all time.

Thank you for your time, and God bless America.