Xavier Gator

By Michael Mandeville ’11

Could I get your full name and year?

As in birth year?

No, what grade are you in?

I am a junior, graduating class of 2011.

And your name?

We’ll go with the non-Catholic version, Katherine Anastasia Beals.

Is there a longer version? You might as well tell us.

Technically Sicilia, my Catholic name, is added in there.

I understand you have hobbies, could you elaborate on that?

Well of course, why not? My hobbies include singing, writing, reading, thinking, talking to fine people like you and– dancing.

You dance?

Why yes, yes I do.

What is it you like to dance to though? Music maybe?

I just dance. I don’t need the music. It’s pure joy.

You mentioned something about fine people, what fits your definition of a “fine” person?

People who have brains and employ them.

So then, what is your perception of Brophy guys?

It’s a bit of a love-hate relationship. Collectively, you guys are all right. Individually, I have met some amazing people, and also some who are not so fine.

What is your least favorite rule at Xavier?

Probably would have to be the long skirt rule.

Why is that?

Well some rules are meant to be broken (Winks).

What’s your favorite thing about Xavier?

Getting to spend my days in a sea of beautiful women in uniform. Also when we have Brophy guest speakers on the announcements in the morning. There’s a couple that are on rather frequently. I found out the other day that the more entertaining one of the two goes by “Fridge” and laughed for 10 minutes. I think I’ll name my future children after him. All of them.

Biggest regret in high school?

Doing this interview.