Xavier Gator

Colby Klemish ’15

By Jeffrey J. Kimball  Erdely ’14

So could I get your name and year?

Colby and I’m a Junior.

Do you have a last name?


Thank you. So do you have a date for Homecoming?

Ummm, only me, myself and I.

Do you want a date for Homecoming?


That’s not important. Do you have a sister?

I do.

Does she have a date for Homecoming?

She does not want one.

Do you play any sports?





Did you play any sports in middle school?

Uhhhh yeah. Tennis.

Tennis. You played tennis.

What’s wrong with tennis?

What do you do in your free time?

I said what’s wrong with tennis.

Have you thought of any cool themes for Homecoming?


Am I allowed to take that as a no?

Sure. You can take it however you want.

So who’s your favorite teacher?

Well, I like all of my teachers at Brophy so probably my Latin teacher Mrs. Haycock.

Are you free for Prom?

Ummm I’ll have to check my calendar.

Did I mention I’m a senior?

This interview is over.