Xavier Gator

Hayden Riley 14′

By William Joseph Borders IV ’16

Could I get your name and year?

Hayden Riley, I’m a senior.

Any siblings?

Younger brother and older sister

Does he go to brophy?


How’s Xavier?

I like it, it’s difficult but it’s fun

Worst class, be honest?

Probably geology, don’t like sitting in lectures

Same… Any sports teams that you are on?

I play badminton, we just finished our season.

How good was your team?

Really good we were state champions.

Sweet! How did you contribute to the team?

Yeah I was the only senior on the team and I was captain.

Are you surprised that brophy made it to the playoffs?


So, are you ready for the upcoming dance?


Have you gone every year?


Favorite Pixar movie?

Toy story

By far the best…. By far.