Xavier Gator

Xavier Gator

By Adrian Munguia ’22


What is your name and graduation year?
My name is Eliza Dominguez and I’m a senior, so the class of ’20.

Who’s your favorite teacher at Xavier?
My favorite teacher would be Mr. Bruce Wyman because he’s passionate about what he teaches.

What’s the best lunch item at Xavier?
I think the most affordable would be ramen, you know, like the Maruchan noodles. For like $1.50 they heat up for you and everything.

Why did you choose to come to Xavier?
I went to Xavier because I thought it would challenge me intellectually and I would be surrounded by other people who are also committed to doing well in school.

Are you in any clubs or sports here at Xavier? If you are, what is your favorite club?
I’m on Xavier’s sand volleyball team and my favorite club that I’m in is XYV which is Xavier’s Young Vensensions.