Xavier Gator- Reagan Van Norman looks to continue orchestra career thanks to Xavier

By Griffin Winter ’21


What is your name and graduation year?

My name is Reagan Van Norman and I am a part of the class of ’21.

What are you involved in at Xavier?

I am involved in orchestra because I have been playing in an orchestra since I was in second grade. I have always had an affinity for orchestra since I heard the bass and I have loved it ever since. I hope to continue playing the bass long after I leave Xavier because it has prepared me so well.

Has Xavier made you a better person?

Yes, I’ve seen myself become more mature here both spiritually and socially. Xavier has crafted my social and spiritual maturity through an integrated curriculum of religion, academic and social teachings.

What is your favorite thing about Xavier?

I really love the classroom atmosphere. The teachers really care about what I am learning about and they help me out a lot.

Who is your favorite teacher at Xavier?

I’m tied between three that I love pretty equally. Mrs. Ensiso, Mrs. Glache, and Mrs. Barton. They are all great in their own ways.

What are you looking forward to for your future at Xavier?

I’m looking forward to continuing relationships that I’ve built and have a good and relaxing year with my friends.