A comprehensive list of all-time favorite things to end my career

By Jackson Moran ’21


Well, this is it. My final list of favorite things. I feel compelled to make a grandiose theological statement about finality. About past and present feelings of regret and time lost. About the way in which particles a full universe apart are inseparably linked until they are observed, and theories of predestination that can be used to explain away the tough questions. Fortunately, I have no intention (or the credentials) to comment on those things, but if you want to know more in detail about all of them (or have any general complaints), I encourage you to send an email to jkelly@brophyprep.org. Anyway, this “favorite things list” is the brainchild of Cooper Parson ’20 and I owe the opportunity to rant into the void that is the back page of The Roundup to him. Thanks for reading, everyone. 

  1. Watching everyone do The Roundup crossword when we distribute a new edition. It’s my favorite few hours of work, and it brings me joy to see people enjoying it (typos or no typos).
  2. The one episode of Cosmos that gave me enough understanding of theoretical physics to write about the particle thing. 
  3. Lincoln Drive, the only street in Arizona with more road work and worse traffic than Camelback, but with the added bonus of speed limit cameras (Note: I do not condone driving above the speed limit at all). 
  4. Spending hours wondering who sanitizes the sanitizer bottles. 
  5. The third floor of Eller, a land of magical wonders. There’s the journalism room which I’ve haunted for three years now, Dr. Donlan’s room (the Falcon of Truth’s roost) and the practice room with the drums (which can be heard from literally everywhere in the building). 
  6. Unsubscribing from various email lists. For far too long, they’ve plagued my inbox. Now, I am free. 
  7. Side 2 of “A Brand New Day” by the Brophy Jesuits. I will one day get my hands on a copy, and if anyone knows how I can get it I will pay you. 
  8. Zoom, for both being the greatest lifeline during the pandemic that kept schools going and workplaces productive while also turning some people into potatoes or kittens during important procedural litigation. 
  9. The American Rescue Plan, for giving us $1400 and the word “stimmy.” The first time I saw the term was in The New York Times, and my life has never been the same. 
  10. The chess craze thing, for giving us seniors a final chance to recall what it feels like to be a freshman. 

That just about does it for me. Thank you for indulging me this year and giving me your ear for nonsense, it’s been a real treat. Keep doing the crossword, I think I finally got this one right (my apologies for the misspelling of privilege) and enjoy your years here Broncos. They fly by faster than two electrons from the origin of the universe. Keep reading The Roundup, and expect another issue of this piece from next year’s Editors-in-Chief, ___________ and __________. Thanks Broncos!