An appeal for a unified response and a unified Brophy

By The Staff of The Roundup


Fellow Brophy community members, we have been dealt a hand this year that is unfavorable to say the least. 

As we go into this new chapter of a pandemic that has fundamentally changed the way in which people from every part of the world work, learn and live, we must recognize that in this time of uncertainty lies a calling.

It is a clarion call to our better selves, appealing to the highest aspects of our character: selflessness, empathy, compassion and intellect. For us at Brophy, this call has been laid out for us in the simplest of terms by means of the AMDG2020 goals and expectations that the administration has implemented this year. We presented with the . 

These goals provide a unique but overall very risky opportunity in that the success of this plan, and our ability to return to school as one student body for good, relies on each and every individual. 

Never before have your simple choices had the ability to affect so many people in such a  profound manner. It is both an awesome and harrowing power to wield. 

In this sense we are masters of our own fate and are able to take charge of whether the whole school community is able to prosper in this new normal or whether our own selfishness leads to the failure of the endeavor.

Everyone has heard the quote of Spider-Man fame where Uncle Ben tells Peter Parker during their final interaction, “With great power comes great responsibility.” 

It is a responsibility that we are also not able to shirk at our convenience. The good choice you make in one instance can instantly be negated by a bad choice in another. 

This is the unfortunate reality of a contagion. It can be present when you are protected as well as when you aren’t. This virus does not discriminate nor does it recognize that you wore a mask last time, but chose not to this time.

Each of us underwent a course over Labor Day weekend to clarify and establish the importance of the AMDG2020 expectations which means we now fully understand the power that we have. 

The AMDG2020 guidelines have given us a version of that famous wisdom and now that we are entering into the weeks and months ahead, where our ability to stay on campus is tentative and based solely on the responsibility with which we wield our power, we must remember that we are meant to respond to the call. 

As such, it is our responsibility as a community to give one unified response, a resounding yes and a commitment to take precautions and act in a serious manner with regards to these new guidelines. 

Our unity as a community is the single greatest strength that Brophy possesses and we can still raise our mask-muffled voices to give our profound answer and to make it known that the Brophy community will not fail. 

It is this unity that will enable us to forge ahead with our school year without interruption, this unity that will keep our friends, teachers and families safe and it is the firm belief of The Roundup that it is this unity that will prevail against the pathogen that caused us to separate so many months ago.