Fisko becomes new assistant principal
By AK Alilonu ’16 & Chase Manson ’16 THE ROUNDUP Mr. Paul Fisko assumed his new role as assistant principal for ministry in the Office of Faith and Justice on Aug. 1. He replaces Mr. Chris Calderón S.J., who held the position last year and recently left for Boston College to study theology as part of his Jesuit formation. This is Mr. Fisko’s 10th year working in the Religious Studies Department. “My…
Administration outfits buildings with improved windows
By Garrison Murphy ’15 THE ROUNDUP Campus facility workers installed new windows in Romley Hall, Keating Hall and the Chapel this summer, replacing windows school officials say were more than 20 years old and were not built with energy conservation in mind. The new windows, costing the school about $130,000, were installed for cosmetics and to save on energy costs, according to Director of Facilities and Food Administration, Mrs. Sherri…
Administration’s invasion of student privacy a necessary evil

By Nick May ’13

It never seems to fail, once or twice a year you hear that so-and-so got called into the Dean’s Office because he posted something he shouldn’t have on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

When this happens, the conversation that usually follows is “should the dean be allowed to search your social networking profiles or your property like your back pack and car?”