El Salvador

El Salvador immersion trip celebrates 10 years of service
By Tanner D. Nypen ’15 THE ROUNDUP Fifteen students along with several teachers traveled to the village of La Hacienda, El Salvador this past summer and stayed there for about a week. This was part of the El Salvador immersion trip. Mr. Tim Broyles said this past journey marked the 10th anniversary from the start back in 2004. “In November of that year, 2003, he (Brett Huneycutt ’99) called me…
Family to Family inspires hope for young El Salvadorians

By Chris Baca ’11

Completing high school is something that many people in today’s culture do not see as a major accomplishment.

However, for the residents of two villages in El Salvador, this is a near impossibility.

This sentiment was shared by Michael-Owen Panzarella’11 who said in his blog, “In America we are forced to go to school through 12th grade.”