Mr. Fisko

Fisko recalls Russia, participation in Soviet-American play as child
By Michael Ahearne ’14 THE ROUNDUP In 1987 Mr. Paul Fisko, along with 19 other American children and 20 Russian children, traveled across Russia, Europe and American to spread the message to end the Cold War and bring peace. Mr. Fisko’s journey and experiences began during the Cold War in 1987. At that time, he was in 8th Grade, and Ronald Reagan was the president while Mikhail Gorbachev led the…
Do-it-all religion teacher Fisko explains the beautiful game, corners

By Alex Stanley ’12

Ms. Guffey’s question from February 2012 “Teacher’s Pet”: Who is your favorite student and why?

Well, I have a lot of favorite students.

But, I will say my favorite student is the one who graduates actually having fulfilled the grad at grad.

Where were you born?

Chicago, Ill.