Capable drivers deserve parking space, but not possible
Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 | Students and faculty park their cars before school Mondy Dec. 5. Campus parking spaces are limited and therefore require a carpool. By Matthew Zacher ’18 THE ROUNDUP Brophy’s campus appears to have a profusion of parking spaces at its disposal. Within close proximity of the campus, there are three lots with a total of about 450 spaces. In addition to these on-campus lots, there…
Parking rules create demand for more space
By Garrison S. Murphy ’15 THE ROUNDUP The requirement of carpooling to school just became more important. This year the administration is tightening their parking regulations, and it might be necessary. The “West Lot,” the dirt parking lot across Central Avenue, is being developed and no longer available for student parking. Many students are aggravated about the administration creating new parking rules, but according to Dean Mr. Pat Higgins these…
New parking regulations put into place
Carpools enforced, West Lot no longer an option for student drivers Will Schubert ’15 THE ROUNDUP    The Dean’s office put new parking restrictions into place due to the closing of the West Lot making parking more difficult for Brophy students. The West Lot, the dirt lot across Central Avenue, is being developed and no longer available for student parking. The only new rule this year is that sophomores are…
Brophy parking policy changes met with mixed opinions

By Greg Goulder ’13
Among the changes around campus this new school year, parking has been one of the most noticed.
St. Francis Xavier Elementary began an expansion process that has required more parking, shrinking Brophy’s north lot.
One of the several changes is that students cannot enter the north and south lots via 1st Avenue between 7 and 8 a.m. Any student who enters through 1st Avenue will only be permitted to park in the auxiliary parking area.

Back to Campus: End of buck-a-jeans days one of several changes

School also institutes new attendance policy, parking restrictions in north lot

As a new school year rolls around, many rules and policies remain the same, but several regulations in the Brophy Handbook, dealing with student parking, attendance and dress code, have changed.
For starters, the administration decided to do away with buck-a-jeans and buck-a-jersey days. In addition, the “only approved game day attire” for athletes now is Mass dress or their jersey worn over a collared shirt, according to an e-mail from Dean of Students Mr. Jim Bopp.