Students debate the place of school spirit
School spirit is an integral part of high school experience By Jack Cahill ’17 THE ROUNDUP School spirit plays a much larger role in the success of a high school community than a person may initially believe. It is no secret that intense school spirit can pervade our campus. Whether it be the chants at football games, or the pride one feels when they say they go to school, our…
Brophy has the best, most unique school spirit
By Carter Santini ’15 THE ROUNDUP I vividly remember the day almost four years ago when I was cramped into a gym and told to spell out Brophy. All I could think was how awesome the chant was. This year, I led that chant both at cheer camp and standing with a C painted on my chest in the stands of Phoenix College. From the rails of Phoenix College it…
Welcome Back: Classes start Aug. 13
Photo by Aakash Jain ’14 – Brophy freshmen and their upper classmen big brothers walk into the Harper Great Hall Aug. 12 during orientation. Classes started Tuesday, Aug. 13. Click here for more school news