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Mazier strives to improve campus sustainability

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Patty Mazier | Mrs. Patty Mazier and her students recycle during class Oct. 21.

By Hunter Cisiewski ’17

Science teacher Mrs. Patty Mazier and Arizona State University doctoral student Mr. Jorge Ramos have started a campaign to make Brophy more sustainable.

Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations, according to epa.gov.

Mrs. Mazier and Mr. Ramos said they want to install many small, day-to-day recourses like the new water fountains that support water bottle use.

“Sustainability is using Earth’s recourses in a way that future generations will have access to the same recourses,” Mrs. Mazier said.

Brophy has already started different features such as recycling and a compost pile that have helped the school’s sustainability.

“Students should bring reusable water bottles and carpool,” Mrs. Mazier said.

Mrs. Mazier’s club for sustainability is co-hosted by Mr. Ramos, a graduate from the ASU School of Sustainability.

“He is working with Brophy, Xavier and St. Francis with a grant given by the National Science Foundation to push the schools to plan and make changes to be more sustainable,” Mrs. Mazier said.

Along with Mr. Ramos, ASU undergraduate students will be assisting with the sustainability campaign.

The sustainable schools group is planning on having a No Impact Week Nov. 17-24.

Each day of this week will have a separate topic focused on reducing, reusing and recycling. There will be a wide variety of activities ranging from presentations, canned food drives and a farmers market.

“I think that sustainability is important because it will allow Brophy to sustain itself for the years to come,” said Grant Dixon ’17, a student of Mrs. Mazier.