OFJ looks to make Summit on violence socially impactful and relevant

By Anthony Totri ’16

The Summit on Human Dignity is something the majority of people appreciate at Brophy, a time when the community can take a break from the rigor of school and gain further knowledge on a relevant issue in society.

All of the necessary elements to make this year’s Summit on violence great are in place. If everything goes as planned the 2016 Summit may be the best one yet.

Recent Summit topics include “The Opportunity Gap” in 2013, “Beyond Colorblind: Exploring Race in the 21st Century” in 2014 and “Safe & Sound: The Case for Restorative Justice” in 2015.

This year’s Summit topic is violence.

As the last four years have come and gone the Summits have been getting more intriguing.

The Summit on the opportunity gap was one I don’t really remember.

Being a freshmen, I was just trying to figure out what the Summit even was, and I would say that is most likely the same situation the current freshmen are facing.

Even with that in mind, I feel as if the freshmen and all the other classes shouldn’t have too difficult of a time staying interested in this year’s Summit.

The past three Summits lacked a considerable amount of relevance to the majority of our lives. Important, yes, but not always something we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

That is why I think this will be the most intriguing Summit of the last four years, being that we as students see violence everywhere–we see it in video games, we hear it in music, we see it on the news and some may even be experiencing violence personally.

I think that is what makes or breaks all of the Summits. If we cannot relate to the topic then what is the point?

Last year’s Summit on restorative justice isn’t going to be easy to top.

There were some great speakers and even better presentations.

But the one element the restorative justice Summit was missing was the relation to most of our lives.

Violence is prevalent throughout our lives, not just as students, but as a country.