Special Feature: Navigating Change

Photo illustration by Alec Vick ’15 | This year starts with many new changes students will navigate. Change, whether large or small, is an essential characteristic of the modern world, and students have to adapt in order to succeed. From new rules to new faculty to new facilities, Brophy continues to handle, respond to and […]

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Policies need changing before next year

Think back to August: The beginning of the school year is always a tense time, as students wait to hear about school policy changes for the upcoming year.

There were several important changes made throughout this year involving parking, dances and buck-a-jeans days.

I have some ideas for policy changes looking ahead to next year.

First, the new policy addressing guests at dances could be changed for the better.

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Students of past responsible for Brophy’s reputation

Brophy’s students have gone through a lot of different transformations over the years; from wearing shirts and ties, to tucked in shirts, to Tablets and more.

Brophy itself has gone through many different changes as well.

The school is now 60 percent bigger since Fr. Eddie Reese S.J. took the title of president.

Brophy students have always had the reputation of being gentlemen and religious.

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Tradition stifles society’s development

The world continues to change constantly.

This is something that is obviously going to happen as time moves on, so why should we live with “tradition” in mind?

The expansion of culture has created a different world, but not necessarily one that can be considered “anti-traditional.”

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