Teachers, students weigh in on classroom distractions

By Julian De Ocampo ’13 & Dillan Ducar ’13

It’s easy to spot the glazed over eyes, colorfully flickering screens and furtive glances that seem to infect the numerous students playing games in class.

The three main reasons students receive Justice Under God, Brophy’s equivalent of detention, are for breaking procedure, dress code violations and class misconduct. However, the introduction of Tablets into the classroom has also given rise to another common reason for JUG: Inappropriate Computer Usage, or ICUs.

Freshmen Carter Hale ’14, Eric Fishman ’14 and Joe Postorius ’14 all agreed that many students engage in inappropriate computer use, and that while students get caught about 20 percent of the time, many teachers “just don’t care.” They said that students who get ICUs usually don’t stop playing games; ICUs simply “make them more careful next time.”

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