Teachers say coffee creates community in classrooms

Photo by Victor Beck ’19 | Mrs. Ashley Doud hard at work accompanied by fresh cup of coffee. By Victor Beck ’19 THE ROUNDUP    Going through the day, teaching class after class, experiencing the constant fluorescent lights, can lead teachers to feeling drained.  The presence of coffee machines in there rooms offers up a […]

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Video: Awaken Coffee sets up shop at Brophy

Video by Camden Andl ’19 and Spencer Inglett ’19 THE ROUNDUP Brophy grads Harrison Bowers ’11 and Tyler Christensen ’11created their own coffee company in 2016, and will be selling their brew around the Brophy campus for the rest of the school year.

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Audio: Students go to Lux coffee bar to do homework, relax

By Will Schubert ’15 & Hayden Corwin ’15 THE ROUNDUP Brophy students travel to Lux before and after school to find a place to hangout with friends, eat food, do homework and relax. Lux, located south of campus on the west side of Central Avenue, provides students with a unique environment where it is encouraged to […]

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Despite critics moderate coffee consumption has benefits

By Garrison Murphy ’15 THE ROUNDUP In a world driven by results and productivity, it’s no surprise that stimulants like caffeine have widespread popularity. In 2013 more than 83 percent of Americans reported drinking coffee on a regular to semi regular basis, according to the National Coffee Association, with 63 percent stating that drinking coffee […]

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Caffeinated Competition

Anyone who takes a few short steps off of Brophy’s campus is well within sight of three different coffee shops: Dutch Bros. Coffee, Lux Coffee Bar and Lola Coffee.

With the addition of the Copper Star Coffee on 7th Avenue, north of Indian School Road, there is a nearby abundance of caffeinated products for even the most die hard Bronco coffee lover.

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