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Dances planning consists of budgeting, conversation

Photo by Mason Warner ’20 | Brophy and Xavier students dance at Hoopcoming Jan. 20. Dances are planned out through a process of budgeting and conversation with vendors and entertainment. By Tyler Conrad ’17 THE ROUNDUP Dances are often a highlight of highschool for many students, but what is frequently looked over about these events […]

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For First Time Ever, Xavier Hosts Frosh Mixer

Chris Stanek’19 THE ROUNDUP After hosting the annual Frosh Mixer every year since its creation, Brophy turned the event over to Xavier this year. Due to this change many opinions struck up about how it was going to turn out, but no one was sure. Aidan McGuire ’20, a freshman at Brophy, said he enjoyed […]

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Policies need changing before next year

Think back to August: The beginning of the school year is always a tense time, as students wait to hear about school policy changes for the upcoming year.

There were several important changes made throughout this year involving parking, dances and buck-a-jeans days.

I have some ideas for policy changes looking ahead to next year.

First, the new policy addressing guests at dances could be changed for the better.

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Dance policy remains unchanged despite behavior concerns

The Great Hall vibrates with the pulsating sound of the latest hit songs as students dance along.

This has been a proud tradition carried out by the Brophy/Xavier dances; providing a fun and relaxing break from the stress of school, an outlet where students can hang out with their friends, have a good time and maybe meet that special someone.

Lately the dances have been viewed as controversial because contemporary dancing styles do not match with the expectations of the administration.

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