Haycock respects Marcus Aurelius, laughs at Commodus

What should I call you: Ms. Haycock, Magistra, HDawg, Double H Trouble?

Any of those would work, but I prefer Magistra (Latin for “teacher”).

Question from previous “Teacher’s Pet”: If you could trade places with a Brophy teacher or administrator for a day (laugh, laugh) who would it be, and why? Complete sentences only.

I would trade places with an art teacher, because I wish I could draw.

To clear up some rumors, are you in a motorcycle gang?

No, but I can ride a motorcycle.

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Brophy community welcomes new faculty members

A Jesuit education is one of the main tenets that make Brophy what it is today.

This year, Brophy has added six new teachers and staff members that administrators hope continue the quality Jesuit education.

The new faculty members on campus this year are: Ms. Terri Tierney, Mr. Ryan Hubbell, Mr. Christopher Ramsey, Ms. Hollie Haycock, Mr. Andrew Bradley, and Ms. Krystle Powell.

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Oldani dishes about knowing original ‘Jersey Shore’

Where are you originally from?

I am originally from Joliet, Ill. which is outside of Chicago.

What was it like growing up in Chicago?

It was cool; high school in Chicago was every bad 80s move cliché you could imagine…

I knew a lot of people that were Jersey Shore before Jersey Shore.

What was the University of Illinois like?

It was cool playing volleyball there and being a part of the volleyball team.

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Faculty sport alternative transportation to save environment, money

On any day, three to five teachers’ bikes are parked in the bike racks below Eller.

These days climate change and rising gas prices entice many Brophy employees to bike or ride mass transit to school.

Forty-three Brophy teachers and employees currently participate in the alternative transportation program, according to Mr. John Buchanan, Brophy security director.

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Gallagher respected as caring, loving volunteer

Most students know Ms. Christine Gallagher as one of Brophy’s two fulltime substitutes.

But there is much more to Ms. Gallagher than that. She graduated from Georgetown University, likes to read books, especially the “Harry Potter” series, prepare for her Understanding Catholic Christianity class and help the Office of Faith and Justice with tasks such as Loyola Project, immersion trips and revamping their Web site.

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Students, faculty need to stay sustainable

Last year’s Summit on Human Dignity, Renewing our Commitment to Sustainability and Stewardship, was supposed to engage Brophy students in dialogue, possibly encouraging us to adopt new, “green” ways of living.

Many teachers incorporated the ideas presented in the Summit into their classes, offering extra credit if students participated in after school events and made “environmentally friendly” changes in their daily routines.

Eight months have passed since February and for many students the ideas of the last Summit on Human Dignity are now but a faint memory of Eustace Conway, the man who lived out in the forest by himself, and Sustainable Dave, the California man who saved all of his trash in his basement for a whole year.

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New teachers bring diverse backgrounds

A great education, an exceptional athletic program, many extra-curricular activities; all of these and more are contributing factors to why students come to Brophy.

But what is it that attracts teachers?

Brophy added six new faculty members this year: Ms. Lauren Karp, Ms. Maria Dominguez-Sullivan, Mr. John Taylor, Mr. Bosco Ho, SJ, Mr. Michael Knickrehm, SJ, and Mr. Eddie Cullen.

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