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Varsity football players prepare for the Nike Opening

By Juan Carlos Ramirez ’18 THE ROUNDUP Four football athletes will be attending the Nike Opening regionals in hopes to move on to the National finals. The Nike Opening is a premier showcase were student athletes can demonstrate their skills and compete to be eligible to be picked for the finals. The Nike Opening finals […]

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Nike Swoosh makes campus comeback

“Just do it.”

Buy Nike.

The temptation is back as Jim Keady’s message from last year’s Summit fades in many students’ minds.

It appears that his words have become less powerful after the summer break, and now students face a difficult decision: Should I give in to the temptation of showing that Swoosh?

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Keady brings Team Sweat awareness to students

All of Brophy was stunned by the cold hard facts that Jim Keady, the founder of Team Sweat, revealed March 1 in Robson Gymnasium.

Keady shared the knowledge he has learned over the past 13 years with the Brophy students during the Summit on Human Dignity, and many were shocked by how much they did not know about Nike.

Apparently, the Indonesian workers for Nike are extremely underpaid and can barely make enough money to purchase the absolute necessities for survival, including food and water.

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