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‘The Laramie Project’ covers sensitive topic

Poster by Nate Kerber ’19 By Tyler Conrad ’17 THE ROUNDUP Actors say the fall play “The Laramie Project” sought to address sensitive subjects with respect, yet head on to correctly portray the message and embody Brophy’s commitment to justice. “‘The Laramie Project’ is the collection of interviews after the brutal murder of Mathew Shepard, a […]

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Volleyball’s younger players stepping up

Photo by Isaac Myers ’18 – Wednesday, April 6, Frosh Volleyball defeats Hamilton in a 2-0 set. By Luis Torres ’16 THE ROUNDUP With a record of 16-17-1 as of April 19, volleyball’s young team is rising to the occasion despite their inexperience.   “The season is going a lot better than I thought it […]

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Fine Arts Extravaganza shows spirit beyond sports field

Photo by AK Alilonu ’16 – Featured here is a mobile hanging in Mr. Kelly’s classroom. Events such as the Fine Arts Extravaganza bring the student body to appreciate such art forms. By Anthony Cardellini ’17 THE ROUNDUP It is easy for high school students to see athletics as the only source and only place […]

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Oldani dishes about knowing original ‘Jersey Shore’

Where are you originally from?

I am originally from Joliet, Ill. which is outside of Chicago.

What was it like growing up in Chicago?

It was cool; high school in Chicago was every bad 80s move cliché you could imagine…

I knew a lot of people that were Jersey Shore before Jersey Shore.

What was the University of Illinois like?

It was cool playing volleyball there and being a part of the volleyball team.

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