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Brophy should allow Reddit on student wifi

Photo by Cory Wyman ’16 – A photo of the Reddit.com homepage as of Feb. 25. Reddit is one of many sites banned on the school wifi. By Hunter Cisiewski ’17 THE ROUNDUP In early January I was in the Info Commons trying to read opinions about the recent Charlie Hebdo shooting, but my attempt […]

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Reddit wrangles remarkable reads

If you’re ever sitting at home with nothing to do, I have a suggestion: Get your Internet browsin’ boots on and put Reddit.com in your address bar.
Reddit is a social media site that will entertain, edify and enthrall you.

The purpose of Reddit is for users to submit links to content they find on the Internet. Other users judge whether the links are useful, interesting or just plain fun.

If you go to Reddit.com, you will see a long list of links, with numbers next to them. Click on one of the arrows next to the link to either “up-vote” or “down-vote” a link.

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