Stricter policies hit school dance floor

By Tyler J. Scott ’12
The Roundup

Future school dances may look different than they used to—or at least look smaller.

In light of the heavily attended Hoopcoming dance Sat. Jan. 22, Brophy administrators amended the school dance policies.

“The main change in policy, really the only official change in policy, is that we’re going to start requiring guest passes just like every other school does, so, from now on, it will still just be one guest per Brophy student,” said Dean Mr. Jim Bopp. “If you want to bring somebody from outside you’re going to have to do the standard, have the guests fill it out, have their administration sign it, have their parents sign it, put down their emergency contact information, that type of thing. Then you’ll have to get that on file with the Dean’s office a week ahead the dance or so.”

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