Loyola Academy debuts in August

By Ian C. Beck ’12

Brophy will open Loyola Academy in 2011, a middle school for underprivileged students that will be located on the second floor of Loyola Hall.

“It’s a new program, part of Brophy, to help those students who have the intellectual ability to do well at Brophy but don’t have the academic and study habits background,” said Brophy President Fr. Eddie Reese S.J.

The program is geared toward taking the academically gifted out of the public school system and installing them into a middle school environment that will better prepare them for Brophy.

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Students need to respect women, stop sexism

By Manuel A. Sigüenza ’12

Throughout these past three years at Brophy, I have gained a sense of brotherhood with my peers and am continuing to learn what it is to be a man for others.

But as I and other students learn these concepts, sexism is a struggle that keeps us from reaching these ideals.

Since Brophy is an all male institution with a few female faculty members, women are not a common group of people around during the school day.

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Mayasich, organ donors give the gift of life

When Robby Mayasich ’10, known as a giving and caring person his entire life, passed away he left behind a gift that would change lives.

He was an organ donor, or someone who gives their vital organs to medicine for a transplant in event of their death.

Mayasich died March 2 after he was struck by a car while running a relay race with friends several days earlier.

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Family, friends, faculty gather March 8 to honor life of fallen friend

Nearly 2,000 people gathered together in St. Francis Xavier Church Monday, March 8 to say one final goodbye to Brophy senior Robby Mayasich ’10.

Mayasich died March 2 after he was struck by a car and sustained severe injuries while running the Ragnar Relay Race Feb. 27.

The church was filled to the brim with friends, family and Brophy faculty.

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Mayasich remembered as ‘kind and giving spirit’

“He was who he was, always,” said Cooper Davis ’10 about his friend Brophy senior Robby Mayasich ’10. “And that is what made him so special.”

Mayasich died March 2 after he was struck by a car during a running race several days earlier. He was 18.

Friday, Feb. 26 a group of Brophy students along with others from around Arizona entered the Ragnar Relay. Ragnar is a race that starts in Prescott and ends in Mesa.

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Brothers’ shadows don’t cast over Maggi

Whether people look out on the football or baseball fields, they will see No. 7, Joseph Maggi ’11.

Maggi is a junior that plays both baseball and football.

He has two older brothers, Drew ’08 and Beau ’09 who graduated from Brophy, both of whom play for the ASU baseball team.

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Pohlman developing as a varsity volleyball star

To the left of the volleyball net on the front line you will find a 6’8 Brophy junior who has made a name for himself as an outside hitter whose role is just that, hitting and blocking the ball.

That junior is Matthew Pohlman ’11.

As a freshman and sophomore, Pohlman played basketball and “thought about (volleyball) as a different sport.”

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Senior wins recognition for video exposing national debt

Senior Ryan Donahue ’10 received an Honorable Mention from C-SPAN’s 2010 StudentCam competition for his video submission, entitled “The National Debt.”

This year’s StudentCam contest was to create a five to eight minute documentary on either one of our country’s greatest strengths or a challenge the country is facing.

Donahue introduced the national debt, asking students what they believe it is, and getting an explanation of it from Brophy economics teacher Ms. Kelly Guffey.

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Luna garners ‘monumental’ international karate award for ability

Brophy sophomore Nico Luna ’12 competed in a Japanese international karate tournament, and in the end, he walked out with the Top Male Competitor Award and a huge smile on his face.

“For me this achievement is monumental,” Luna said. “I can’t explain in words how much of an honor it is that I was chosen by the headmasters to achieve this award.

“Only one person out of thousands of people get this award and there were so many great competitors that even though the tournament is dominated by the Japanese, this shows just how tough and strong we are.”

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Go Diego, go! Sophomore credits success to off-season work

When most people jump into a pool it’s to cool off or relax.

Not Brophy swimmers. As soon as they hit the water it’s hard work from August to November.

Diego Valenzuela ’12 has been swimming ever since he was nine years old. His mother pushed him towards the sport because she too was a swimmer.

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