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Walk On The Wildside: Hiking ‘Lava Tube’

Photo by Hunter Franklin ’19 | Hikers are blurred along with their flashlights during a long exposure photograph as they walk the giant Lava River Tube Sunday, July 24, 2016, in Flagstaff, Ariz. By Hunter Franklin ‘19 THE ROUNDUP Hiking at the Lava River Cave just west of Flagstaff provides an exciting and challenging opportunity […]

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Walk On The Wild Side: Out Of Africa Ziplining

By Hunter Franklin ‘19 THE ROUNDUP People often regret their actions after the fact. I quickly regretted my decision before the fact as I climbed the 119 steps up the 80-foot wooden tower to the first zip line platform. The farther I climbed with our two guides and 10 other participants, the more nervous I […]

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