Welcome back, Wrangler! Revamped publication hits campus

It’s Nov. 24, the day before Brophy’s long awaited Thanksgiving Break, and students are buzzing about the newest edition of the paper.

But it’s not The Roundup—it’s a one-page, front-to-back edition of The Wrangler.

“The Wrangler is a satirical publication meant to respectfully spread humor through fake news stories,” said Matt Munhall ’12, a writer for The Wrangler.
Mr. John Damaso ’97 is one of The Wrangler’s faculty advisers.

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News cycle leaves room for fact and funny

Walter Cronkite, the most trusted man in America, died this summer, leaving an immense void in responsible journalism.

So who will take his place? Brian Williams? Katie Couric? Anderson Cooper?

According to a Time poll, the “most trusted man in America” is now Jon Stewart, a comedian known for his work on “The Daily Show.”

Most people these days are put off by network news and many newspaper readers are turning to satire for their current events as a result.

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