Thanksgiving 2020 needs to be modified

By Sergio Arvizu-Rivera ’23


What has Thanksgiving looked like? Moving from dinner to dinner? Taking a skiing trip to Colorado? Whatever traditional Thanksgiving days have looked like in previous years, Thanksgiving 2020 has to adjust amid the pandemic in order to keep families safe. 

Thanksgiving is a family oriented holiday. Families cook massive meals and invite guests to partake in giving thanks. 

With COVID-19, however, this is not possible due to social distancing recommendations. All families should follow suggestions as they should have been since March 2020. 

Macy’s, which hosts the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, have already announced the parade will not have in person spectators. Instead, the entire parade will be streamed on TV. This is a great decision by Macy’s because the parade usually attracts over 3.5 million people, some people travelling from across the country just to see the spectacular array of balloons and floats. Having so many people in one confined area is bad due to the fact that COVID-19 primarily transmitted via air particles. Being in close proximity with so many people 

Macy’s announced the parade will also only use 25% of staff while conducting the parade. 

In family households however, people should abide by the COVID safety guidelines and host a small gathering of immediate family members instead of hosting big dinner parties like in years past.

Families should not invite other people that they do not see on a regular basis, so having guests from out of state should not even be considered. Families should also keep in mind Thanksgiving shopping, as stores all around the country are filled with shoppers as the holiday season approaches. People should plan time in advance to get their Thanksgiving necessities.