Xavier Gator

By Colin Marston ’13

Name and Year?

Sophie Maniaci, senior.

Whats your blood type?

I don’t know.

What is your Social security number?

I actually do know, but should I disclose that?



Would you consider yourself a woman in control?


In what context?

I want to be in the know and in control, and I guess because I’m senior class president.

What animal best resembles you?

I’ve thought about this for so long, its so hard to think of an animal that suits me. At first I wanted to say a domestic cat. But now I think like a seahorse.

Xaver’s gate: cozy or confining?

I don’t think I’m allowed to comment on that.

Do you like Ke$ha or do you like Ke$ha?

I like Ke$ha.

How much do you love freedom?

The illusion of freedom is a cruel temptress, and I feel like freedom isn’t free.

Julian Assage: hot or not?

I dig the grey hair.

What’s your response to the recent political repression in Tunisia?


(I repeat question)

Can I use my phone to look it up?

30 seconds maximum.

You spelled Tanzania wrong.

It’s Tunisia.

Spell it right and I’ll have a comment.

Psyched for hoopcoming?

When is that?

Who’s your date? Would you take me?